2015 Harvest Crew at E & S Vineyard

       2015 Harvest Crew at Oak Canyon Ranch

A soft pretzel baker, Tom Trotter (bottom left) along with wife Peg (bottom right) had sixteen children in Philadelphia, PA.

Stephanie, the only one making wine, is #15 of the 16! Can you spot her?

sharing the passion

from vine to wine

I am committed to sourcing grapes from small, healthy and sustainably-farmed vineyards here in Napa Valley to produce Trotter 1/16's vineyard designated, varietal specific wines.  

The vineyard harvested for the 2011 and 2012 vintages has 121 dry-farmed, Cabernet Sauvignon vines located on the David Fulton property in St. Helena. It was planted on established St. George rootstock in late 1990s.

For 2013 and 2014, we harvested a gold mine of a vineyard in the Coombsville area of Napa proper. There are just 36 rows of this dry-farmed, organic and biodynamic vineyard called Oak Canyon Ranch, managed by the Daphne Amory. She is a viticulturist specializing in bio-dynamic farming.

In 2015, the yields were very low due to four years of drought.  I was lucky enough to pick three great vineyards: Oak Canyon Ranch, E & S Vineyard...(E & S, for Ed & Shirley!) and a private, un-named vineyard in St. Helena that we blended a little Cabernet Franc and Merlot from Oakville into to make Sam's Pick Cabernet sauvignon.

At each harvest and for each vineyard, we hand sort the grapes then pull jacks and “mog” (material other than grape) by hand after mechanically destemming.
All vintages are aging in a recipe of new and “once burned” French Quintessence barrels for 28 to 33 months. 
Once bottled and with proper cellaring, Trotter 1/16 wines will develop beautifully for many years.