The Vineyards

'14 Cabernet Sauvignon, CURRENT RELEASE! 

American Fine Wine Invitational 2018

Orange County Fair's Commercial Wine Comp 2017

International Women's Wine Competition 2017

Harvest Challenge International 2017

SILVER - San Francisco International Wine Competition

SILVER - Hilton Head International Wine Competition


'13 Cabernet Sauvignon, DOUBLE GOLD, 

San Francisco International Wine Comp                                         along with THREE MORE GOLD MEDALS:

2016 Women's International Wine Comp.

International Harvest Challenge 2016

American Fine Wine Invitational Competition 2017

and another precious medal from Dan Berger's International Comp (formerly Riverside Wine Comp)

'12 Cabernet Sauvignon: FIVE precious medals!GOLDS - Jan 2016 American Fine Wine (Invitational) Comp and Grand Harvest Awards, Nov 2015; SILVERS Women's Int'l Wine Comp. 2015, Sunset Magazine's International Wine Competition & San Francisco Int'l Wine Comp 2015

'11 Cabernet Sauvignon: DOUBLE GOLD! American Fine Wine Competition along with FOUR more precious medals, The San Francisco International Wine Comp., The Women’s International Wine Comp., The Grand Harvest Awards, and the Wine Channel TV Awards (presented by Vineyard & Winery Management magazine)

tiny productions of vineyard designated Cabernet from napa valley 

I’ve been one of the lucky ones, able to live and work here in Northern California’s Napa Valley. Since 1994, I’ve worked in all areas of the wine industry --from the vineyard to the sales room--of several small wineries, learning the business from all angles. Finally, in 2011, with the encouragement of many, support from my husband and lots of help from my “Sistas of D’Vine,” we started picking grapes with the goal of making my own wine. My creative passion has found its home in winemaking. My inaugural release of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has been awarded a Double Gold among other medals, as has each vintage following, in both commercial and International competitions! I’m sure my parents, Tom and Peg Trotter from Philadelphia, had no idea that 1 of their 16 children would end up being a winemaker…just Trotter 1/16. I think I’m the favorite. ;-) Salud!  Stephanie Trotter Zacharia ~ Trotter 1/16 Wines

The vineyards I've selected to harvest are small, privately owned, dry-farmed and, more often than not, organically farmed.

'11 & '12 Cabernet was sourced from David Fulton  

               Vineyards in Napa Valley's St. Helena District
​'13 & '14 Cabernet was sourced from Oak Canyon Ranch
​               in Napa Valley's Coombsville District.
'15 Cabernets were harvested from three vineyards and   

               will be kept mostly vineyard designated, varietal

               specific. Look for releases from Oak Canyon    

               Ranch, E & S Vineyards, and a blend of two  

               vineyards, called Sam's Pick, all from Napa  

               Valley's Coombsille & St. Helena Districts.

'16 Cabernets were harvested from two distinctly                              different vineyards, Oak Canyon Ranch and                      E & S Vineyards, both in Coombsville AVA.

'17 Cabernets were harvested from the same two                             beautiful vineyards, Oak Canyon Ranch and                     E & S Vineyards, both  Coombsville AVA.